Simulation; Transition through Relatives |  Winter 2021  | Graphite, writings, tape remains | 160 x 150 cm | Currently on view at ‘My Mother’s Daughter’ at Sea-Foundation in Tilburg | curated by Julia Fidder
In this work, I represent, in the form of a blueprint, the upbringing of the child as a simulation.  The mirrored dome-like form that is presented centrally in the work refers to the invisible walls that the parent erects in his upbringing. The parent takes the child under his/her wing and provides the child with his/her own characters, morals, norms, values and verbal as well as non-verbal influences, originating and transmitted by previous generations. The dome is a protection against ‘wrong’ external influences and at the same time is the space in which the parent chooses his ‘right’ influences for the simulation of the child. The simulation aims to transform the child into a product of the parent.