An-Otherworldly Whim
Solo exhibition 
Vent Project Space
Vabaduse väljak 6/8, Tallinn, Estonia

Imagine a sudden burst of desire, an irresistible urge that surges through your very being, overpowering a sense of self-control. Your heart races at the mere thought of it as it consumes your attention, pushing aside all other thoughts and preoccupations. It is a desire that has been meticulously coded, constructed and designed to channel your natural flow of desire into more 'consumerism' ways.
"An-Otherworldly Whim", a solo exhibition by Lennart Creutzburg, delves into the intriguing nature of artificial desires, spawned within the environment of a surveillance capitalist society. In an era where personal data is harvested through digital devices, every facet of an individual is meticulously collected
and exploited in the pursuit of consummation and consumerism. The more someone knows about the layers and depths of your emotions and behaviors, the greater power they wield over you. Targeted and influenced with products and suggestions we are specifically triggered by.  This begs the question: What desires are genuinely our own, and which desires are artificially projected onto us by external forces?​​​​​​​
In "An-Otherworldly Whim," the artist invites you to explore the uncharted territories of your own desires, to question the authenticity of your cravings in a world where artificial desires are engineered and relentlessly pursued. The phenomenon of artificial desire in this exhibition is approached as an otherworldly sudden burst; an alienating and unprecedented force that overtakes and promises to transform the present.