Imagine a sudden burst of desire, an irresistible urge that surges through your very being, overpowering a sense of self-control. Your heart races at the mere thought of it as it consumes your attention, pushing aside all other thoughts and preoccupations. It is a desire that has been meticulously coded, constructed and designed to channel your natural flow of desire into more 'consumerism' ways.
"An-Otherworldly Whim", a solo exhibition by Lennart Creutzburg was an attempt to blur the boundaries between man and machine, challenging traditional perceptions.

The space included a collection of sculptural hairy hybrid forms born from concepts viewing humans as fleshy machines driven by desire.

The forms, resembling morphed legs and joints, created a gathering of new alienated creatures. The sculptures, dressed with hairy textures and reflective metal layers, absorbed and reflected light, filtered through color filters, creating an illusionary interplay within the space. ​​​​​​​
An opening performance during the night of the opening featured a manifesto written by the artist on humanity metaphorically behaving as machines, driven by consumption and desire. Visitors were asked to wear interactive microelectronic masks. These masks, displaying fleshy moving images on screens, allowed visitors to become part of the work.