Lennart Creutzburg (b. 1994, Breda, NL) is a mixed-media artist currently based in Helsinki, Finland. ''My work comes forth out of a conceptual threefold consisting of science fiction, biological-machines and human-desire. I explore how societal, social and political power-structures influence human behavior and how they might dominate us. These explorations find their outcome through mixed-media installations, sculptures and performances where I speculate on the idea of hybrids, biological machines and the metaphor of contemporary zombies.''

creutzburglennart [at] hotmail.com

Curriculum Vitae

Upcoming exhibitions
2023, Vent Space, [Solo] [artist-run project space], Tallinn, Estonia
2023, Kino second edition, [group] Augusta Gallery Suomenlinna, Finland

Solo Exhibitions
2022, Let me back into the cave, please. , SEINÄ Window gallery Helsinki, Finland
2020, Searching for Transformation, Theater de Nieuwe Vorst, Tilburg, the Netherlands

Group Exhibitions
2023, UIT ZICHT - de kunstenaar als toerist, duo-show, Kunstpodium-T, Tilburg, the Netherlands
2023, Nuremberg Gallery, [group] Nuremberg, Germany
2023, Kuvan Kevat, Kuvataideakatemia / Kuva Tila, Helsinki, Finland
2022, PAU open house festival, Tanja Silvestrini's livingroom, Helsinki, Finland
2022, Shake, Rattle, Mold, Project space, Helsinki, Finland
2022, Fondia gallery, Fondia, Helsinki, Finland
2021, Achterland, Kruisruimte, Eindhoven, the Netherlands
2021, The opening of Moya, Museum of Young art, Oosterhout, the Netherlands
2021, My Mother's Daughter, SEA-Foundation, Tilburg, the Netherlands
2020, Benefit for Brabant, Park, Tilburg, the Netherlands
2020, Sham-movements | Schijnbewegingen, Albert van Abbehuis, Eindhoven, the Netherlands
2020, Jamais-vu, Theater de Nieuwe Vorst, Tilburg, the Netherlands
2019, Vernissage het Atelier, Studio 68, Hoboken, Belgium
2019, TF Boulevard, Babel, Den Bosch, the Netherlands
2019, Graduation show, Rozenstraat, Tilburg, the Netherlands
2018, Viermineen, Rozenstraat basement, Tilburg, the Netherlands
2017, Tilt, NS16, Tilburg, the Netherlands

Online Exhibitions
2021, PUNCH!, Punch online art-space, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2020, International art exhibition part 2, Curated by Ashok Kumar, India
2020, Rizoom take-over, Rizoom instagram, The Netherlands

2023, UIT ZICHT, Kunstpodium T, Tilburg, the Netherlands
2021, Achterland, Kruisruimte, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
2020, De Kluis, Theater de Nieuwe Vorst, Tilburg, The Netherlands
2018, The Darling Collection, The Darling collection festival, Darling, South-Africa

Grants Received
2023, The Greta ja Alfred Runeberg Foundation
2022, Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds
2021, Makersfonds

2022, PAU [Performance Artists Unite]
2019, Vrouw muskens

2019/21, Vrouw Muskens residency Founder/ co-organiser of the Vrouw Muskens residency together with Niels Ballemans and Stijn Rompa, Dongen, the Netherlands

2022, Uniarts (University of the arts Helsinki)(MFA) Master Fine art; sculpture, Helsinki, Finland
2019, Fontys (School of Fine and performing arts)(BA/BE) Fine arts and education, Tilburg, the Netherlands
2015, Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam (Post-secondary vocational education) Spatial design and presentation, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

2022, Design Museum, Exhibition builder, Helsinki, Finland
2019 / 21, Curio, (ISK) International connection class (Mbo) Art Teacher and cultural coordinator, Breda, the Netherlands
2019, Snens Freelance Art teacher, Tilburg, The Netherlands
2019, Museum Jan Cunen, Volunteir for Art-based learning guide, Oss, the Netherlands

2019, Museum Jan Cunen, Art-based learning guide and the creation of educational material, Oss, the Netherlands
2017, Michael College (Secondary education) Art teacher, Prinsenbeek, the Netherlands
2017, Villa Zebra(Primary museum education) Exhibition and workshop guide, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
2016, Radius College, (Post-secondary vocational education) Art teacher, Breda, the Netherlands

2021, SEA Foundation, By Julia Fidder for my participation for the exhibition; My Mother's Daughter, Tilburg, The Netherlands
2019, Rizoom by Anisa Demirci and Cheyenne Pattiwaël; about my takeover of the Rizoom online platform, The Netherlands
2018, The Darling Collection, By Izak de Vries for my artwork; Die Lewenslyne van Darling, Darling, South-Africa
2018, The Darling Collection, By Izak de Vries for my artwork; Mother Obscura, Darling, South-Africa
2018, The Darling Collection, By Sydney Marte for my participation in the Darling Collection, Tilburg, The Netherlands

2019, De geconditioneerde kunstenaar, Research combined with a fictional story
2018, Binnen het kader van een vader, Photographic serie published in the form of a book​​​​​​​