A rhizome spreads its roots, grows into the unknown – the not-yet discovered corners of the psyche.
It expands, clutches onto itself, it takes over, transforms and echoes. The rhizome submerges you, overwhelms you with its presence. Voices and machine-like vibrations occupy the space. It surrounds you, penetrates your eyes, your ears, even your mind. And as it grows, it becomes more and more complex – becoming harder to navigate with each expansion. With a logic of its own, it is impossible to completely understand, grasp or control. The multifaceted mechanism is always running at full speed, never fully grown, endlessly expanding and forming new layers. At times, very loudly present, or silently operating in the background.​​​​​​
The mixed-media installation as rhizomes whisper is a growing rhizomatic network consisting of sound, sculpture, wires and moving image. The work aims to reveal the machinery behind our human ego-construction and thereby suggests the “ego” or “self” as a construct – a collection of affirmed images, an identity that is heavily subjected to its social-political environment. The work refers to the similarity between the internal and the external – our internal world is proposed to be in constant synchronicity with the external world around us, through a continuous transmission of radio- or electricity signals and digital information.