"I want to live in a world where the earth is flat, you are safe as long as you steer away from the edge. My sun is set by the man in the golden boat who swiftly chases the passing of days while spilling drops of dawn. Let me flourish within the conviction that there are entities that protect me and I am but bound to my faith. Without any free will, I obey the rules written by man as they know best and I know nothing. I look at what they point at, I follow them where they lead me."
Over time, mankind pursued a changing understanding of the truth. For a long time, truth based on science was prevailing. However, in today's post-truth era, scientific evidence is no longer in the lead to construct a unilateral view of the truth.

We do not obey one ‘objective’ truth anymore, there is room for a multitude of veracities that are for example based on alternative facts or feelings. We live in a society where fake news is spread through social media, where there is no way of making a distinction between what is fact and what is fiction. The truth has become a tool for accumulating power and is used and abused by whomever has an audience that is willing to listen to their version of the truth.

-written by Julia Fidder-

‘Let me back into the cave, please.’ circles around concepts of human perception, the impossibility of epistemologies and human conditioning processes. ​​​​​​​