'Oculus,' referring to an eye-like opening or window, explores human receptivity to capitalist enchantments, crafting abstract representations of bodily processes using metal rods, translucent plastics, and microelectronics. The work, rooted in an interest in science fiction, unveils the artificiality of consumption-driven systems, each sculpture embodying a fully lived experience within societal complexities.
Plastics, chosen for their dual nature of plasticity and artificiality, form the core, their transparency revealing an artificial metal skeleton, challenging perceptions of reality.

Colored filter sheets, strategically mounted on gallery lights, transform the space into an immersive reversed echo-chamber. This atmosphere envelops the sculptures, exposing the enchanting allure and witchcraft of capitalist environments and desired products.
'Oculus' is a concise exploration of flesh, desire, and illusionary objects, serving as a symbolic window into human receptivity and the thin line between authentic experience and manufactured allure in our pursuit of fulfillment.​​​​​​​