-Text written by Julia Fidder and Myriam Gras as part of the UIT ZICHT publication-

The sculptures of Lennart Creutzburg grasp your attention through the imminent feeling of liveliness that they emanate. As part of an ongoing series, the works presented at Kunstpodium T derive from the idea of rhizomatic networks. The illusion of an ever expanding network is created through the use of a multitude of materials and media. The textured skins that form the exterior of the machine-like creatures create a dynamic whole, interacting with its environment on multiple levels. Through the absorption and scattering of light and implementing interventions in the architecture leading to an immersive reversed echo chamber that invites to become part of the machine - stepping into other possible worldings.
This layeredness in materiality forms a linearity to the concepts that are representative of the artist's practice, with ideas regarding hybrid creatures and cyborgs, the merging of more into one finds different outputs in Creutzburg’s works.
In his conceptualization of the biological machine Creutzburg strictly refers to the metaphysical side of our human condition. Rather than pointing at the physical processes that are omnipresent in the functioning of our bodies, the artist delves into ideas regarding invisible processes like the idea of ‘desire machines’ derived from Deleuze’s anti-Oedipus’ everything is a machine. The desire machine influences and steers human behavior and how they move through and relate to the world.