2022, performance, living room of Tanja Silvestrini
Affirmations and scripts firmly rooted in flesh. The body, a vessel nurtured and layered, a carrier of heretical knowledge and behavior. For the performance 'Psyclope', the idea of a consciousness traveling through the body was taken as a starting point. With a Jack cable connected to an amplifier, the body is thoroughly scanned. A mouth -talking and humming- is projected on a small screen strapped to the head. The theory adhered to in this work states that our consciousness is not located in our brain, but in the point of our body where we are currently focusing our attention. It travels through the body, not as the center, rather as a passenger. And as it passes through the vessel reveals what it conceals.
[Photo's and video's by Cyane Findji and Myriam Gras]

© All right reserved by the artist
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