a selection of most recent works

as rhizomes whisper
2022 [ongoing], Kuvataideakatemia
Immersive multimedia installation
styrofoam, epoxy, fiberglass, aluminium, film, sound

A rhizome spreads its roots, grows into the unknown, the not-yet discovered corners of the psyche. 

It expands, clutches onto itself, it takes over, transforms and echo's. The rhizome submerges you, overwhelms with its presence. Voices and machine like vibrations occupy the space. It surrounds you, penetrates your eyes, your ears, your mind even. And as it grows it complicates more and more... It becomes harder to navigate with each expansion. With a logic of its own it is impossible to completely understand, grasp or control. The multi-faceted mechanism is ever running at full speed, never fully grown, expanding and layering. A force sometimes very loudly present and sometimes silently at work in the background. 

The immersive installation 'as rhizomes whisper' is presented as a growing rhizomatic network consisting of sound , sculptures, wires and moving images presented on digital screens. The work aims to reveal the machinery behind our human ego-construction and thereby suggests that the 'ego' or 'self' is a construct, a collection of affirmed images, an identity that is heavily subjected to its social-political environment. The work refers to the similarity between the nature of the human mind and the nature of computers and digital entities.
me, myself and my simulation
2022, Tanja Silvestrini's living room
multimedia performance

The performance 'me, myself and my simulation' revolves around the idea of consciousness travelling through the body. The theories that serve as a basis in this work state that our consciousness is not only located in our brain, but in the point of our body on which we focus our attention at that moment. In the performance, this displacement or 'travelling' becomes visible and audible through the use of speakers, electric cables and amplifiers.

Let me back into the cave, please.
2022, SEINÄ Gallery, Helsinki Finland
a selection of works 
curated by Julia Fidder (1997, NL)

- Text by curator Julia Fidder -

"I want to live in a world where the earth is flat, you are safe as long as you steer away from the edge. My sun is set by the man in the golden boat who swiftly chases the passing of days while spilling drops of dawn. Let me flourish within the conviction that there are entities that protect me and I am but bound to my faith. Without any free will, I obey the rules written by man as they know best and I know nothing. I look at what they point at, I follow them where they lead me."

Over time, mankind pursued a changing understanding of the truth. For a long time, truth based on science was prevailing. However, in today's post-truth era, scientific evidence is no longer in the lead to construct a unilateral view of the truth. We do not obey one ‘objective’ truth anymore, there is room for a multitude of veracities that are for example based on alternative facts or feelings. We live in a society where fake news is spread through social media, where there is no way of making a distinction between what is fact and what is fiction. The truth has become a tool for accumulating power and is used and abused by whomever has an audience that is willing to listen to their version of the truth.
‘Let me back into the cave, please.’ circles around concepts of human perception, truth seeking, transformation and conditioning processes. In his book The Shadow of the Object, Christopher Bollas describes how the first so-called ‘transformational object’ is the mother of the child, who for a certain amount of time conditions and controls the whole known environment of the infant. Starting from birth we rely on our environment to shape us and transform us into the human-beings we are one day ought to be. Throughout our life, we encounter many different phenomenons that alter our self experience as well as they form our reality. In this process we are continuously receiving and sending information through social interaction. With these encounters, we are confronted with the multitude of truths that is at the heart of the post-truth era.
The title of the exhibition is inspired by the old Allegory of the Cave written by Plato. The Allegory tells the story of three prisoners who are restrained from going outside, their whole world is the inside of the cave they are held captive in. Faint images are projected by the ‘puppeteers’ holding shapes in front of the flames of a small bonfire, creating a singular reflection of the ‘truth’. ‘Let me back into the cave, please.’ is a reaction to the complexity of the multivaracity of truths that characterizes the post-truth era. It is a longing for times where there was only one truth, a truth that gave direction, guidance and meaning in life.

In his work, multi-media artist Lennart Creutzburg (1994) tries to exemplify human-transformation processes by using his own psyche as the main medium for his practice. “I reflect on the way humanity is psychologically conditioned and transformed by its direct society and environment.” Through analyzing and reflecting on his own ego Creutzburg constructs symbols and shapes that symbolize his view of the truth about humanity and it’s inevitable transformation.

-The exhibition is organized with the financial support of Makersfonds Tilburg -
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